Analysis Paralysis

date: 2017-09-22
belief: emotional
status: notes

Conversation with Mimi

Mimi and I videochatted. I was eating breakfast and getting ready to go paint the shelter. Also tired from sketching solutions for my ODEs class. And anxious knowing I didn’t have time to write them up properly. (In fact, I could only typeset half by the deadline.)

From Mark Tarver:

Why is this? Well, its partly to do with vision. The ‘vision thing’ as George Bush Snr once described it, is really one of the strengths of the BBM. They can see far; further than in fact their strength allows them to travel. They conceive of brilliant ambitious projects requiring great resources, and they embark on them only to run out of steam. It’s not that they’re lazy; its just that their resources are insufficient.

Mimi said she wants to contribute to a some sort of public dialogue, but is hesitant to finalize her thoughts in writing. It seems an openness to share only applies to non-recorded life.

Self-image after the conversation: “Takes risks as a novice, builds enough energy to become a seasoned beginner, but is not a strong finisher.”