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date: 2018-01-20
revised: 2018-12-15

I also have a hype machine account with a finer grained listening history, but I feel this page gives a more authentic recollection.

(Songs are contemporary unless specified.)

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Why keep this record?

Could this page incorporate other media? Illustrations, for example? (Nope, see my art log.)

Lastly, isn’t keeping track “hand rolled” sort of tedious? Well, in this way I’m encouraging myself to pay attention to the music/art I surround myself with, as historically I’ve had really wild psychic entropy listening to both EDM music and visual art.

Doing it by hand for now is fine; it will be harder to get lost in Diplo/Galatica for 6 months.

Erkennen wir in der Tragödie einen durchgreifenden Stilgegensatz: Sprache, Farbe, Beweglichkeit, Dynamik der Rede treten in der dionysischen Lyrik des Chors und andrerseits in der apollinischen Traumwelt der Scene als völlig gesonderte Spren des Ausdrucks aus einander.2

We find in tragedy an unmanagable contrast of style: speech, color, flexibility, the power of telling manifest in the dionysian lyric of the chorus and, on the other hand, in the apollonian dreamworld of the scene, as totally separate spheres of expression.

  1. Terence McKenna, the “Timothy Leary of the ’90s”. 

  2. Nietzsche, Die Geburt der Tragödie, 1886