Security and Data Recovery

date: 2017-11-25
revised: 2018-01-16
belief: likely

As I move more information online, what information do I need to encrypt? to back-up?

During intervals of the night, when anxiety had kept him waking, the same idea had occurred to him; concealment was his only security[.] 1

Currently, my personal files are backed up to an unencrypted hard drive and, if public, hosted redundantly on github.

Security Goals

Personal Documents

Having worked at a refugee resettlement agency, I believe the following documents should be redundantly (and securely) stored online. Maybe also on optical disk?



I need to save my passwords in a keyring. I’d also like to create a PGP key to share. See

To make strong passwords, I might learn a bit about Shannon Entropy. See pthree.

From Scott Aaronson:

I was reading an obituary of Shannon, 
asking myself: 
why did it take till 1948?
That the semantics of a message 
are irrelevant to how to transmit it, 
that the distribution from which the message was 
chosen is all that matters, 
is obvious. 
  1. The Romance of the Forest, Ann Radcliffe, 1791